Sad Mad Dads Podcast Three new Dads vainly trying to keep their creative interests alive amid the chaos of parenting and the beauty of family life. ** EXPLICIT CONTENT **

Sometimes in life, things come along that get in the way of your dreams. We experience delays through no fault of our own. Other times, you can ruin your own productivity by electing to have your testicles operated on and then suffering complications. Dan starts the discussion off this week with far too much detail about his vasectomy, Rich identifies that parents should demand better films, Clowns get the going over and the boys discuss their love/hate relationships with various animals.

Despite trolling his own co-hosts, Dan does offer the link to the promised “Brexit Blues (Goodbye EU)” song here:

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Brexit Blues (Goodbye EU)” by @MrRichStokes

Featured song: “Victimless Crime” by Rich Stokes @MrRichStokes

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